Photo: Carlos Perez Marin
Malhoun is a ARI pluridisciplinary experimental venue combining a gallery space, an international residency program, and studios for young Moroccan artists.

Founded in 2020 following an exhibition produced by and emerging from Fenduq, Malhoun wishes to ponder the chasms and rifts found between creative fields today, from craftsmanship to visual art, architecture or design. Overall, as a platform centered on knowledge and know-how exchange, following the rhizomatic structure of collective memory and intelligence, Malhoun aims to serve as a catalyst for the meaningful growth of local cultural ecosystems.
Typically, it fosters a yearlong exhibition where members and guests showcase their productions and thoughts by way of a continuum: overlapping organically, items and propositions come and go following the conversations and intuitions of participants, as well as their practical needs.
Exhibitions are usually tailed by ‘witnesses’ invited to follow the production process. Broadly speaking, exhibitions tend to be conjointly conceived with witnesses, and commercial in nature, though it can vary. Instead of openings, a ‘selat al rahim’ is organized the last day of each month, conveying the public to foster the bonds of kinship within the building. The name of all exhibitors is disclosed at the entrance, but not within the space where no captions can be found, allowing a variety of propositions of different status to cohabitate, and preventing easy categorisation.


175 Rue Mohammed el Beqal, Marrakech, 40000

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday: by appointment
Thursday: noon to 5pm
Friday: 11am to 4pm
Saterday: 11am to 5pm
Sunday: closed
+212 (0) 669 591 319

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