H’dith o Mghezel
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حديث أو مغزل


H’dith o Mghezel describes a traditional form of communication over shared iterative practices. It is a heritage of communal repetition and construction paired with discourse. In the aftermath of the earthquakes that devastated communities across Morocco in 2023, the collective exhibition at Malhoun, gathers artisans, artists, architects, and designers to reflect upon the act of communal reconstruction. This is the first stage of a year-long exhibition format where members and guests showcase their productions and thoughts by way of a continuum. Overlapping organically, artworks and propositions will come and go following the conversations, intuitions, and practical needs of participants.
The restoration works of the Malhoun building in Gueliz are ongoing throughout the year. It is a gestural attempt to reveal the collective memory accumulated over the years and the various scars of its occupation. We see the ongoing reconstruction of that architectonics as part of the exhibition.

Group exhibition:
Khadija El-Abyad, Hicham Benohoud, Nabil Himich, M’Barek Bouhchichi, Shinya Kobayashi, Faycal Taiba, Younes Rahmoun, Abdelkhadere Hmidouche, Rafram Chaddad, Mohamed Arejdal, Koharu Yamaguchi, The Living & the Dead Ensemble, Michel Assenmaker, Eric van Hove & Nassim Azarzar.

Design team:
Nassim Azarzar, Alex Foradori, Ned Kaar, Bianca Schick & Sofia Topi

Opening times:
15th February - 21st December 2024
Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 
Or by appointment I contact@malhoun.ma I +212 (0) 669 591 319

- due to transformation work happening in our ground-floor gallery space, that area is closed until about mid-may ; most artworks can still be viewed in our office upstairs -

Structural partners:
Fenduq - Atelier Eric van Hove
La Trattoria, Marrakech